Major Minnesota law firm sued for firing pro-Trump employees

When three partners at the firm advised the president that it may be illegal for him to fire employees based on their political beliefs, he fired them too.

Trump supporters (Lorie Shaull/Flickr).

A major Minnesota law firm fired employees who supported former President Donald Trump or police officers on social media, claiming these posts showed they were “racist.”

The Kain & Scott law firm touts itself as “Minnesota’s largest and nicest bankruptcy law firm.” However, former employees who are now suing the firm say it may not be so “nice” after all. Not only did the firm’s president Wesley Scott reportedly ax two of his pro-Trump employees in a series of politically motived firings, but he then dismissed three partners who told him his actions were likely illegal.

Scott began to purge his firm of conservatives after January’s Capitol protest. He first sent a company-wide email saying the protesters should have all been killed, then he proceeded to order his operations manager to fire two pro-Trump employees. When the manager refused, he fired her and another employee, according to a lawsuit filed with the Stearns County District Court.

Wesley Scott and his family. (Image Source: YouTube/Kain & Scott)
Wesley Scott and his family. (Image Source: YouTube/Kain & Scott)

Partners William Kain, Margaret Henehan, and Kelsey Quarberg confronted Scott, explaining that, in their legal opinions, he violated Minnesota law by firing people based on their political beliefs. He responded by firing all of them, claiming they posed a threat to his physical safety and calling the police.

Scott then explained the terminations to the firm’s staff, saying, “We have three employees … who are way over the top violating everything that is dear to us, and I won’t let that happen,” per the New York Post.

Scott is also very active on social media. He has published hundreds of short videos on YouTube promoting his practice and giving legal advice, the overwhelming majority of which have less than 10 views.

He also maintains a profile on Justia that contains several typos and runs a blog on his firm’s website.

Federal records reflect that Scott has donated $150 to Democrats via ActBlue over the last decade. The earmarks on these donations suggest that he supported Democrat Pete Buttigieg in the 2020 presidential race, as well as Georgia’s Jon Ossoff, a Democrat U.S. Senator.


Kyle Hooten

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