Minneapolis Democrat City Council Set To Approve a $772,000 Sculpture

Democrat-controlled Minneapolis City Council has been making the case that the city is not able to afford more police officers

$772,000 sculpture

Democrat-controlled Minneapolis City Council has been making the case that the city is not able to afford more police officers even though KSTP reports that “(City records)show from late July 2018 to June of this year, MDP did not have enough officers to immediately respond to 6,776 calls for service, a reason the chief said he needs more officers.”

Crime has been on the rise in Minneapolis. 

Today the city council, however, will move forward on a $2,000,000 project called “New Public Service Building”.

An illustration of the new Public Service Building

The project goals as described by the city of Minneapolis are

  • Create a public space that is inviting, pleasant and compelling for visiting businesses and residents.
  • Reflect the culture and diversity of the city through history and storytelling.
  • Reflect the mission of public service, the City’s commitment to transparency and educate the public about the City services.
  • Support a work environment that promotes wellness, a diversity of work styles, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Be thoughtfully integrated into the architectural identity and design, materials, and palette.
  • Be contemporary, yet timelessly elegant, and meaningful.
  • Enhance the focal points, entrances, plazas and wayfinding systems.
  • Celebrate the sustainability goals of this project and the facility.
  • Be durable and maintainable in Minneapolis’ climate and urban environment.

Part of the project the city of Minneapolis today is set to approve a hanging sculpture that will cost the taxpayer $772,000 according to Fox9 Reporter Theo Keith



Some other details that taxpayers can expect are:

Scheduled to open in the fall of 2020, the Public Service Building will feature a unique public art collection with work by several notable artists. Project and artists selected to date include:

  • Bird safe glass art designs for windows by Futures North, represented by lead artists Molly Reichert and Adam Marcus.

  • A suspended lobby sculpture by Tristan Al-Haddad.

  • Five mural projects on glass reflecting life in Minneapolis by Angela Two Stars, Connor Rice, Kao Lee Thao, Marlena Myles, and Witt Siasoco.

  • Seven unique elevator lobby ceilings incorporating lighting and greeting guests and employees as they enter each floor by Aaron Marx, Alexander Tylevich, Andrew Lucia/Iroha Ito, Christopher Harrison, James Brenner, Laurie Borggreve, and Rory Wakemup.

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