Minnesota Democrat Leaders Set To Drop 10 New Bills Growing Government

Minnesota residents can also expect legislation increasing taxes to pay for the expansion of government.

via Minnesota Lawyer

As new legislators are getting ready to start a new legislative session the new Democrat leadership is wasting no time pushing a new liberal agenda they are calling “Minnesota Values Plan

Democrat House Speaker-designate Mellisa Hortman told MPR News that Democrat Governor-elect Tim Walz is in agreement with the new sweeping policy.

“We’re very much on the same page with regard to what’s in House files 1-10,” Hortman said.

The new legislation will include a massive expansion of Government in education, healthcare, and new spending on transportation projects. Minnesota residents can expect increases in taxes including the gas tax to pay for the new projects.

In addition to new spending bills, Mellisa Hortman says that workplace regulation and legislation restricting gun rights will be included.

Recently Republican Senate Leader Paul Gazelka signaled that he will try to find common ground on new gun rights legislation.

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