Name Calling and Prejudice Against Republicans Widespread on International Women’s Day

Protesters Call Trump and GOP Misogynists, Less Educated  

Minneapolis, MN – Protesters gathered at the University of Minnesota on International Women’s Day to once again call for action against Republicans and President Donald Trump.

Students rallied for what they call a violation of rights for minorities, women, and the LGBT community, as well as a fifteen dollar minimum wage, saying misogyny lies at the root of all those issues.

“Most of it is misogyny because it’s been around since even before any of us were here, that’s basically what America was founded on was white men” a protester tells Alpha News. 

The protest was organized by several groups on campus including socialist organizations. In addition to group organizers calling Trump “President Cheetoh,” misogynistic, sexist, racist, and homophobic, protesters claimed women who did not agree with the demonstrations were less educated.

“I really feel some people’s views are not as educated or as aware of actually everything that’s going on, so maybe if they get to step out or come to the movements, stuff like that, maybe it’s more eye-opening and they’ll realize ‘oh I never thought about it like this.’” says a protester.

A much smaller crowd showed than expected, with less than fifty students in attendance.

Protesters claim there will be several more protests in the near future.

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Julia Erynn