Conservative Group Circulates Petition To Revoke Walz’s ‘Destructive Emergency Powers’

The "emergency powers" Walz has so liberally invoked "are not even found in our constitution in Minnesota," says the president of Action 4 Liberty.

Minnesota Governor Walz’s emergency powers should be revoked says Action 4 Liberty, a conservative nonprofit that feels the state has overstepped its bounds amist COVID-19.

The group has made its point by circulating a petition to limit what they call the Governor’s “destructive emergency powers.” In just 24 hours, the petition amassed over 2,000 signatures. Alpha News spoke with Action 4 Liberty president, Jake Duesenberg, who believes that the Minnesota citizenry is responsible for holding their leaders accountable.

“Walz at this point does not seem to be confined by any legal element such as the constitution, he’s confined by the public opinion,” he told Alpha News, underscoring what he sees as the importance of public petitions and discussion.

Duesenberg also worries that “the biggest danger,” of the COVID-19 epidemic is how it will affect our rights. “If we’re willing to trade these civil liberties for the namesake of safety and security,” he says, “we’ll start to become accustomed to it and we’ll live in a different world.”

“I’m mostly concerned about the power that [Walz] has.” he adds. “But what I’m more concerned about is the idea that he’s taking this power, and making decisions unilaterally.” Additionally, Duesenberg highlights that the “emergency powers” Walz has so liberally invoked “are not even found in our constitution in Minnesota.”

A petition to restrict executive powers in Minnesota is not the only cause Action 4 Liberty has rallied support behind amidst the COVID-19 epidemic. The conservative non profit is also circulating a petition to give $1,000 to every taxpayer in the state– funded by the $4,000,000,000 excess Minnesota collected in taxes last year. If returned, this enormous sum may help jumpstart a coronavirus-battered economy.

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