Recall Walz group attempts to remove governor for a third time

"We are hopeful that court gives this petition the fair review it deserves, as we continue fighting on behalf of all freedom loving Minnesotans."

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Recall Walz, a political action group, has announced its third petition to have Gov. Tim Walz removed from office for his actions during the COVID-19 emergency.

In the first step of the recall process, Recall Walz has submitted its petition to the Minnesota Supreme Court and accused the governor of taking “unlawful” actions in response to COVID-19.

If the Supreme Court convicts Walz of malfeasance, as the petition asks, then the group will have 90 days to gather 646,000 signatures. After completion of the signature gathering, a recall election would be ordered and 50% plus one is required to remove the governor from office. 

The group has accused Walz of breaking multiple Minnesota statutes and wielding power he has no right to use.

“We are hopeful that the court gives this petition the fair review it deserves, as we continue fighting on behalf of all freedom loving Minnesotans. As a reminder, the recall is about justice — forcing Walz to personally answer for the tyranny he has imposed for months on end, with no end in sight,” said the group on Facebook.

Recall Walz said that the governor’s mask mandate violates a Minnesota statute criminalizing face coverings, except when used for “medical treatment” and a few other exceptions. The group also argued that if the mandated masks are a medical treatment, then the governor has violated another statute about forced medical procedures.

“Finally, Walz ignores Minn. Stat. § 12.32, which does not allow the governor to suspend statutes even during a declared emergency,” said a press release from the group.

Recall Walz had its first two petitions tossed out after the courts found that the governor did not act contrary “substantive, legal precedent.”

“Based on the timelines seen in the first two recall attempts this year, it is likely the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Minnesota will make a ruling by mid-October to dismiss the petition or schedule a public hearing to further review the case,” said Matthew Ruyter, a community organizer of the group.

There is a vibrant movement focused on the Recall of Walz: over 59,000 Facebook users have joined a private group dedicated to the cause, and yard signs and billboards can be found across the state,” he added. 

Along with grassroots support from citizens, Recall Walz has organizational help from Action 4 Liberty, a group that has previously petitioned for the removal of Walz’s emergency powers. They also have support from state Rep. Jeremy Munson, who is a moderator on the Recall Walz Facebook group.


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