Scott Jensen calls for civil disobedience, ban on vax mandates in Minnesota

Jensen also called out Gov. Tim Walz in his statement, saying his "silence on this issue has been deafening."

Dr. Scott Jensen/Facebook

Dr. Scott Jensen, former Minnesota state senator and current candidate for governor, announced his support for a complete ban on COVID restrictions in an effort to turn Minnesota into what he calls a “Health Freedom Sanctuary State.”

A Friday press release reports that Jensen is currently “drafting language for a bill” to prohibit the following measures: vaccine passports, vaccine mandates in the private sector, and child masking policies. It would also include a “permanent ban” on the state’s emergency lockdown powers.

In the meantime, Jensen is urging all Minnesotans — Republican, Democrat, and “everyone in between” — to civilly disobey President Joe Biden’s unprecedented use of the federal government to enforce public health measures.

“The tyrannical top-down approach from President Biden must be met with a strong rebuke from state leaders,” he said. “This rebuke must include an admittance that none of the strong-arm power grabs of the last year have worked at all. They are not scientific, and they are predicated on fear and control.”

“It is time to tell businesses they have no right to dictate their employees’ health procedures and government that it has no right to traumatize our children.”

Jensen also called out Gov. Tim Walz in his statement, saying his “silence on this issue has been deafening.” He added that when he fully drafts his Health Freedom Sanctuary State bill, he is confident it will receive “immediate” support in the Minnesota Legislature.

The gubernatorial candidate posted a video reiterating his message on his YouTube channel Friday and asking all Minnesotans to “meet the moment.”

Jensen is looking to unseat Gov. Walz, who is currently in his first term as governor of Minnesota. He is running as a Republican and will need to beat out several other candidates to obtain the nomination.

In August he spoke exclusively with Alpha News, stating that despite present circumstances, he remains optimistic about the future of Minnesota and the United States.


Evan Stambaugh

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