Suspect identified, one dead in Buffalo clinic shooting

The dispatch audio indicated that the suspect had been quickly detained.

Gregory Paul Ulrich/Wright County Sheriff's Office.

Several people were injured in a shooting at a Buffalo, Minnesota, clinic on Tuesday morning.

There was also a report of an explosion at the clinic and an investigation of a possible bomb threat at a nearby motel.

Just before 11 a.m., responders were dispatched to the Allina Health Clinic on Crossroads Campus Drive on a report of at least five people critically injured in what was subsequently updated to an active shooter incident, according to police dispatch audio.

Five people were eventually transported to regional hospitals with injuries, according to the dispatch audio. The audio indicated that the suspect was originally communicating with a responder by phone as the situation developed. The suspect told a responder he had four homemade explosive devices that had been detonated.

An arriving responder confirmed that they saw evidence of an explosion and that there was shattered glass “all across” the west side of the clinic. Other responders could be heard on the audio stating that there were several victims near the front of the clinic as they arrived.

Mutual aid for EMS responders was requested from several surrounding cities. The dispatch audio indicated that the suspect had been quickly detained, and that information was confirmed in a statement by Wright County.

A subsequent dispatch indicated that another explosion went off at the clinic about 30 minutes after the initial response. A bomb unit was also dispatched to a nearby motel on a “high suspicion” that an explosive device could be present. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) posted that it was responding to the scene.

Gov. Tim Walz briefly addressed the situation during a Tuesday afternoon press conference at a COVID-19 vaccination site. 

“At this time what we know is that there was an active shooter situation and some improvised explosive devices,” he said, noting that a nearby school was placed on lockdown during the shooting. 

“At this time we understand there has been some early interaction with the FBI and ATF because of the explosive devices involved in this,” he added.

Update: Law enforcement officials from the Wright County Sheriff’s Office and the Buffalo Police Department held a press conference this afternoon and named the suspect as Gregory Paul Ulrich, 67.

Buffalo Police Chief Pat Budke stated that Ulrich has lived in the Buffalo community for a number of years and that law enforcement was “very familiar” with him from prior contacts. Chief Budke stated that law enforcement did not have any indication that the incident was related to domestic terrorism.

He said they believe Ulrich acted alone and his actions were “isolated and directed” at the clinic. Chief Budke further stated that Ulrich had a history of being unhappy with the healthcare he had received at the clinic.

When questioned about the explosion that was reported to have occurred inside the clinic about 30 minutes after the initial response, Chief Budke could not confirm whether that was accurate.

Kelly Spratt, president of Allina Health-Buffalo, stated that five victims were taken from the scene to various regional hospitals, but declined to identify whether they were staff or patients at the clinic. No update was given on the condition of the victims.

Wright County Sheriff Sean Deringer said that law enforcement has had prior contacts with Ulrich dating back to 2003 and that Ulrich was “no stranger to law enforcement.”

Sheriff Deringer said that during a secondary search of the clinic building, law enforcement found a suspicious package in the corner of the building and engaged the services of the Minneapolis Bomb Squad who arrived on scene to assist in that investigation. Sheriff Deringer also said that detectives from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office had arrived to assist in interviewing victims and witnesses.

Sheriff Deringer said that out of an abundance of caution, the nearby Super 8 Motel where Ulrich had been staying was evacuated and an additional search was conducted where law enforcement found additional “suspicious devices,” but he did not expound on what those items were.

The sheriff said that additional search warrants were being obtained and that the investigation was continuing.

Update: One of the victims died at Hennepin County Medical Center, a spokesperson confirmed Tuesday evening, according to NBC News.

Four others were transported to North Memorial Hospital. Of those four, three are in critical but stable condition and the fourth was discharged.

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