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Dayton Appoints BLM Member to Police-Community Council

St. Paul, MN - On Wednesday Governor Mark Dayton (DFL) issued an executive order to form the “Council on Law Enforcement and Community Relations.”...

Black Lives Matter St Paul Leader Resigns

In a surprising move the leader of Black Lives Matter St. Paul is leaving the activist organization.   Rashad Turner, who led Black Lives...

Reparations: the Black Lives Matter Movement’s Ultimate Goal?

What are the motives/objectives behind the Black Lives Movement? Are the protests organized against police brutality the "Trojan Horses" that mask the true goals of #BLM?

Black Lives Matter Calls Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton “A White Supremacist”

Black Lives Matter St. Paul calls Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton (D) a "white supremacist," posts demands and threatens to "shut down" the Red Bull Crashed Ice St. Paul 2016 event, which draws crowds of 100,000+ people, if the demands aren't met.

Teachers, Janitors, $15 Hour Minimum Wage Supporters Protest Across Twin Cities

Wed., Feb. 17 and Thurs., Feb. 18, 2016 will be filled with protests, strikes and "Walk-Ins" across the Twin Cities.

Black America & Bernie Sanders: A Forum – Hosted by Neighborhoods...

Bernie Sanders and Neighborhoods Organizing for Change event "Black America: a Forum with Bernie Sanders" in Minneapolis Feb. 12, 2016.

Petition Started to Recall Minneapolis Councilwoman Cano

Citizens have organized a Recall Petition on to recall Minneapolis Councilwoman Alondra Cano after she posted the personal information of constituents critical of her participation and support of the December 23, 2015 BLM protest at MOA and MSP.