Trump endorses Minnesota secretary of state candidate Kim Crockett

The former president endorsed Kim Crockett as she looks to unseat current Secretary of State Steve Simon, a Democrat.

President Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Donald Trump has given one of his coveted endorsements to the Republican candidate for Minnesota secretary of state.

In a Tuesday morning post to Truth Social, Trump’s social media platform, the former president endorsed Kim Crockett as she looks to unseat current Secretary of State Steve Simon, a Democrat.

Trump called Crockett a “strong and wonderful woman” and said she has his “complete and total endorsement.”

“A strong and wonderful woman named Kim Crockett is running, as the Republican Nominee, for Secretary of State in Minnesota, a State where Election Fraud is rampant, but where nothing is done about it or, more importantly, to FIX IT,” Trump said.

“Kim will get to the bottom of that, and so much else. It’s time we had a smart and dedicated fighter in that very important position. Kim Crockett has my Complete & Total Endorsement. She will not let you down!!!” he added.

Crockett, who announced her secretary of state candidacy last December, is running on an election integrity platform. She has also vowed to simplify the registration process for new businesses.

In a Tuesday statement, Crockett said she was “surprised” to hear of Trump’s endorsement.

“I appreciate this unexpected vote of confidence,” she said. “The most important endorsement will be Minnesota voters who choose me to be their new Secretary of State. I promise the office will be a non-partisan operation that guards every eligible vote, no matter one’s party affiliation.”

Secretary of State Simon has come under scrutiny recently as multiple counties in Minnesota have accidentally issued erroneous ballots to thousands of voters.

“He runs around the state doing photo-ops posing as a ‘defender of democracy,’ but on Simon’s watch, voters can’t even get the right ballots after voting has been open for weeks,” said Nick Majerus, Republican Party of Minnesota communications director, in a statement last week. “How many more Minnesota voters need to get the wrong ballots before Steve Simon steps up to do his job?”

Trump hasn’t weighed in on any of the other statewide races.


Evan Stambaugh

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