Trump Sign Burned Outside Minnesota Home With Family Inside

A Minnesota family is taking extra security precautions after a Trump for President sign was burned to the ground with a father and his children right inside their Deephaven home.  

Father of five Robert Barnheiser was settling in after taking his daughter to dinner when he noticed a large fire in his front yard.  Barnheiser says, “I went in my room, set my keys down, came out, and my yard was ablaze!”

Neither Barnheiser nor his neighbors saw who set the sign on fire.  Barnheiser has since replaced his sign and is upgrading his security, but the affect on his children has lingered.  Barnheiser says his children, “had a real tough time going to bed the next two nights.”

Barnheiser says he hopes it was just a youthful prank, but is keeping a closer eye on his property and vows to keep replacing the signs, saying, “If you’re gonna burn down two signs, I’ve got three, I’ve got a lot of room here!”

Deephaven Police say the suspects likely fled by vehicle before police and fire arrived to put out the flames.  There are no other reports of signs being burned in Deephaven and police say they currently have no suspects.  

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Julia Erynn