Tucker Carlson: Corporations Are Not Friends of Conservatives

The threat comes from those that hold the power of thought, and the freedom of that thought.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson gave a key-note address at the National Conservative Conference.

Known for his off the cuff, and brutally honest remarks, a fun, and sincere speech was expected and delivered! Tucker challenged the audience to think for themselves.

He spoke about the changes in the debate between the Right and the Left. Having been on Television since 2000, Tucker has been debating people from both sides of the aisle. His vast experience over leads has allowed him not only to see the dramatic changes in the dialogue but also to learn important lessons. He highlights three important lessons in particular.

The first lesson he learned is that the main threat to liberty is not from the federal government anymore, but comes from the private sector. As a conservative, this is a hard point to make and realize as most conservatives see the private sector as the means of liberty, and the government as the main threat to daily life. Tucker explains that this idea is outdated.

The government has been the main threat to freedom for a long time, but we are no longer at that time. The threat comes from those that hold the power of thought, and the freedom of that thought. Companies like Google are controlling the narrative, and are therefore controlling thought. Google is an almost unavoidable piece of daily life, and it is using its power to threaten the freedom of the individual. Smaller companies are following in their tracks. The private sector now has the power to threaten freedom.

The second lesson Tucker found is, that the Left’s rhetoric is all a Freudian projection. He points out that whatever the Left says you are doing, is precisely what they are doing. So when they call you a racist, it is merely them projecting their own racist identity onto you. Tucker has been called racist numerous times, and this lesson has helped him realize the lack of intellectual understanding the Left has. He credits the Trump election, saying that it awakens a sense of curiosity in many. It opened new doors, and had people re-evaluating long standing values that had changed without their notice. 

The Final lesson Tucker prefaces saying he hopes it is not true. Carlson says that his experience has unfortunately taught him that the Left is not interested in peaceful coexistence. They seek to destroy other ideas and re-educate the other people. He frames this within a religious context. Much like an evangelical faith, the left seeks to bring their beliefs to all people. He says it is a natural impulse for a religion that drives them, and since they have abandoned all traditional religions, being woke, is their new creed. 

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