Do UMN Students Support Being a Sanctuary Campus?

Students at the University of Minnesota weigh-in on Kaler’s decision

In a controversial move the University of Minnesota announced that it will now be a “sanctuary campus” – Alpha News went to the U of M campus to talk to young people and gather their thoughts on the issue.

University President Eric Kaler responded to a petition to make the U a sanctuary campus, which is similar to a sanctuary city in that it attempts to shield illegal immigrants from deportation by the federal government. Students had different thoughts on the issue, but were for the most part in favor of Kaler’s decision.

One student said immigrant students are, “starting to feel unsafe around school and they’re really starting to question what is their future in the U.S., so I think it’s good that our university is telling them ‘you’ll always be accepted here and you’ll be safe.’”

Another student disagreed, saying, “That just doesn’t really seem right because they’re not here legally, they have to go through all the hoops just like everyone else did.”

President-Elect Donald Trump has vowed to withhold all federal funding from sanctuary cities, which caused concern for some students on the sanctuary campus.

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