US Senator Tom Cotton Launches Ad In MN

"Joe Biden won’t stand up for law and order, he’s too liberal and too confused to lead."

Image from Sen. Cotton's ad
Image from Sen. Cotton's ad

US Senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton, has taken out an ad against Joe Biden that will be run in Minnesota

The ad shows the destruction in Minneapolis resulting from rioters and criticizes the Democrats for not stopping it. The ad specifically calls out Joe Biden, and points out his staffers paid for the bail of some rioters. Jason Lewis, a candidate for MN Senate, says that the ad is more evidence that Minnesota is a battleground state for the 2020 Presidential election.

“The latest proof of Minnesota’s competitiveness is Senator Tom Cotton’s new digital ad buy targeting the state. Senator Cotton’s ad highlights the abject failure of Joe Biden and radical Democrat leaders to control the mob,” said Lewis. “Minnesota is quickly becoming the battleground state of 2020,”

Senator Cotton has also brought up Minnesota in a recent tweet, citing the 445 violent crimes in Minneapolis and the City Council’s work to disband the police department. “Who will the victims of crime call for help?” says Cotton.

“Joe Biden won’t stand up for law and order, he’s too liberal and too confused to lead. Elect Joe Biden, and the anarchy will be coming to a town near you,” says the ad.

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