Voter’s Voice Concern about MN State Rep who Mocked Sexual Assault Victim

Edina, MN – On Thursday, people living in Edina held a press conference to voice concerns about Minnesota House Representative Ron Erhardt (D-49A), saying he has, “engaged in antics unbecoming of an elected official.”

The group joined with Pat Maahs, a victim of sexual assault who was mocked by Representative Erhardt on the house floor in March of 2015.  

Maahs says Erhardt publicly mocked her in March of 2015, when the change in the sexual assault law to include bodily fluids was presented on the House Floor. Maahs was in attendance supporting the change in law after charges were dropped against the man who sexually assaulted her by ejaculating in to her coffee on several occasions.  Bodily fluids were not considered a sexual crime prior to the verdict.  

Maahs says Erhardt stood up to the microphone, held up a coffee cup and licked it lasciviously while laughing uncontrollably. A video sponsored by the Minnesota House Republican Campaign Committee shows the behavior here.

A press release sent out by the Senate District 49 Republicans states,  “We stand with Pat and believe Ron Erhardt’s actions don’t reflect our great city and have no place in public discourse. It’s time for a new representative who can be a positive voice for Edina, and not embarrass our community with inappropriate behavior.”

Erhardt is seeking reelection to his twelfth term in November.  His opponent is Republican Dario Anselmo.  

Representative Erhardt did not respond to Alpha News’ request for comment.