Gary Johnson Hoping to Make MN Independent Again

Shakopee, MN – Libertarian Presidential Candidate Governor Gary Johnson made a stop in Minnesota to speak to those unhappy with both of the major party candidates.

As Alpha News previously reported, many young voters are considering voting for a third party candidate over Trump or Hillary.

Johnson believes he’s reaching young voters, saying, “I don’t think there’s a voice for young people right now, and I think maybe I’m that voice.”

Johnson’s poll numbers have dropped in recent weeks, but if neither Trump nor Hillary reach the needed 270 electoral votes to be President, it could be up to the House of Representatives to choose America’s next leader among the top three candidates to receive electoral votes.  Johnson is hoping Minnesota, a state notorious for voting third party, pushes him into the top three.  

Johnson is appealing to Minnesota to give him the electoral votes, saying, “I’ll make a pitch to Minnesotans that they be that state to allow me to be in the House of Representatives, if in fact it does go to the House of Representatives.”

The latest Real Clear Politics Poll puts Hillary Clinton in the lead among eligible voters.