Washington Post claims GOP treated Jackson worse than Kavanaugh

For simply claiming his innocence against career-ending allegations, Kavanaugh was slandered as a privileged white man "furious about being finally held to account."

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday on the second day of her confirmation hearings. (C-SPAN/YouTube)

Corporate media and the left were irked by a banal Supreme Court confirmation process last week, so they predictably began disseminating dubious information.

Despite substantive questions and the gentlest hearings in over a decade, the Washington Post let loose an appallingly dishonest staff editorial late Thursday.

“This story was so obviously pre-planned, no matter what happened with her hearings,” a Washington D.C.-based lawyer told Alpha News. “The Post’s revisionism is ugly partisanship and, since they openly supported much worse in the past, it’s contemptible. Even the attacks on Amy Coney Barrett during her confirmation were worse.”

With legacy media bored and unwilling to vet Jackson’s uneven performance, they reverted to lies about Justice Brett Kavanaugh being a rapist.

The radical Occupy Democrats said, “credibly accused sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh” had it too easy; the Nation’s resident communist, Elie Mystal, claimed the GOP is only “pissed that Kavanaugh was credibly accused of attempted rape.”

A senior Huffington Post reporter was so excited to rehash some balderdash that she continuously posted her anti-Kavanaugh screeds from 2018, including “Brett Kavanaugh was credibly accused of sexual assault.”

Not wanting to be left out, Vox correspondent Ian Millhiser contributed his own vacuous take.

“One important distinction between Ketanji Brown Jackson and Brett Kavanaugh is that Ketanji Brown Jackson did not attempt to rape a woman when she was in high school,” he declared, sans evidence.

Nearly four years later, this remains noxious conspiracy.

“Credibly accused” apparently is now a progressive religious belief, like man-made climate change.

Recall some of the details from the Kavanaugh ordeal these pundits chose to ignore.

Christine Blasey Ford did not want to become a public figure, yet her allegations were leaked by the left against her desires.

She did not recall when or where the alleged attack occurred. She never named Kavanaugh as her attacker to anyone but her therapist, whose notes did not include Kavanaugh’s name. Finally, none of Ford’s three witnesses could corroborate her story.

“A credible accusation involves criminal wrongdoing and at least some independently verifiable information,” the aforementioned lawyer added. “Blasey Ford’s ancient charge didn’t.”

Then emerged a revisionist historical narrative that Republicans didn’t care about the serious allegations, bullied Ford, or rushed Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The opposite is true in all cases.

Left-wing attorney Debra Katz wanted Kavanaugh’s accuser not to be questioned by Senate Judiciary Committee members, but rather a female outsider. This was allowed. Kavanaugh’s detractors then demanded a new FBI background investigation; Senate Republican leadership also agreed.

A year later at a feminist event, Katz admitted that her client’s political beliefs were the motivating factor for bringing the faux assault claim. Some could argue Katz should be disbarred.

For simply claiming his innocence against career-ending allegations, Kavanaugh was slandered as a privileged white man “furious about being finally held to account.”

Judge Jackson’s confirmation will not alter the Court’s ideological balance, so drama never occurred —  the latest risible Cory Booker performance notwithstanding — but that’s no excuse for the media’s latest malfeasance.

This historical review of the facts is unfortunately necessary because the Washington Post and Democrats, in general, discarded longstanding agreements of civility and fairness for partisan pursuits. Meanwhile, despite the Washington Post’s libel and a few attention-seeking performances, Republicans showed decorum last week, inapposite to the Democrats in 2018.

Jackson is not my cup of tea. Still, unlike the left, I can be intellectually honest about what transpired last week on Capitol Hill.


A.J. Kaufman

A.J. Kaufman is an Alpha News columnist. His work has appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Florida Sun-Sentinel, Indianapolis Star, Israel National News, Orange County Register, St. Cloud Times, Star-Tribune, and across AIM Media Midwest and the Internet. Kaufman previously worked as a school teacher and military historian.