What students? National teachers union convention promotes radical agenda

America's public schools have become a laughingstock across the world.

AFT President Randi Weingarten speaks at the American Federation of Government Employees annual conference in February 2020. (AFGE/Flickr)

It’s the heart of summer. And when teachers aren’t enjoying a three-month taxpayer-funded vacation, they’re updating their leftist agenda at a four-day extravaganza.

Proposed “resolutions” under consideration at the 87th annual American Federation of Teachers (AFT) rendezvous ran the gamut of left-wing claptrap.

The nation’s second largest teachers union reviewed an exhaustive list of boilerplate progressivism on an array of topics — support for critical race theory, abortion, gender identity instruction, opposition to fossil fuels, and much more — that’s indistinguishable from the Democratic Party platform.

The annoying word “equity” is all over the grievance-filled document that contains nothing about reading, writing, or the concerns of most Americans.

The list of propagandistic resolutions are overseen by AFT President Randi Weingarten, a repugnant leftist who should be brought up on child abuse charges for pushing to keep government-run schools closed as long and often as possible since March 2020.

The agenda also called on President Joe Biden to cancel federal student loans via executive order before the payment moratorium expires next month. The president’s radical wife, coming off her insensitive remarks in Texas, jetted to Massachusetts Friday to deliver more vacuity as the keynote speaker.

A few measures took the cake for insanity.

One was the “Defeat Anti-LGBTQIA+ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ and Anti-Transgender Bills and Attacks with Mass Pride and Mass Action” resolution before the AFT’s “committee on human rights and international relations.”

That resolution was proposed by the Berkeley Federation of Teachers and misinforms on the Florida parental rights law, which prohibits schools from mandating classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity starting in preschool.

Most parents, even Democrats, don’t want a government employee teaching their 5-year-olds about sexual orientation.

Another measure praised communist Cuba’s health care industry for leading the way in “medical internationalism and solidarity,” while others opposed “the privatization of Medicare” and condemned school choice programs — something that would actually help children and struggling families.

Finally, the AFT’s “women’s rights committee” reviewed three separate measures that condemned the Supreme Court for its historic abortion ruling last month.

One California chapter claimed that, “Trump’s three Supreme Court appointees and far right-wing control of the court are pivotal to the Trump movement achieving its objectives.”

Never mind that women are as or more pro-life than men. This also obfuscates polls showing almost three in four Americans agree with a ban after 15 weeks.

America’s public schools have become a laughingstock across the world. Kids who can’t read or write remain imprisoned in failing schools — or locked out — and the privileged union tyrants this weekend in Boston happily held a lavish left-wing fundraiser. I wonder who paid for lunch.


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