‘Minnesotans have had enough’: In-depth with Matt Birk

Birk believes this is the year Minnesotans will take their government back from politicians.

Matt Birk talks with Liz Collin in the Alpha News studio. (Alpha News)

Matt Birk, Republican candidate for Minnesota lieutenant governor, joined Liz Collin on her podcast for a long conversation on crime, education, energy policy and more.

Birk is a former NFL player, a private school founder, and Dr. Scott Jensen’s running mate.

With a little more than 100 days until the November election, Birk said the team is feeling confident about their chances of winning this fall.

“The reception we are getting all across the state is very positive,” Birk said.

“I think at the end of the day Minnesotans have had enough,” he added.

The campaign has focused on plans to deliver safe streets, good schools, and a healthy economy to Minnesotans.

Birk said issues like COVID and crime have motivated people to get off the sidelines and join the fight.

“The Democrats were the party of the working class before. That’s not the case today,” he said.

As a staunch pro-life advocate, he does not agree with a Ramsey County judge’s recent decision to strike down most of Minnesota’s abortion restrictions.

Birk believes it will put women at risk.

“I don’t think that’s protecting women to say that a physician doesn’t have to perform second or third trimester abortions in a hospital,” he remarked.

Alpha News also asked for his response to the chaos and crime that played out on the 4th of July in Minneapolis.

“First and foremost, create a culture of law and order,” Birk said.

He said Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan have done nothing to support law enforcement but instead have emboldened criminals.

“We need more cops on the streets, but I think cops need to be supported,” he said.

Birk believes this is the year Minnesotans will take their government back from politicians.

“Everywhere we go it’s people who have never been involved in politics before,” he said.

As a twist to the campaign, Birk, a Super Bowl champion, has created the “Minnesota Fitness Challenge” in the hopes of helping people become more proactive, and less reactive, with their health.



Alpha News Staff