Billboards criticizing high Minneapolis murder rate vandalized

Vandals have defaced billboards that highlight the recent uptick in Minneapolis crime.

Left-wing vandals do not appreciate a series of billboards placed throughout Minneapolis to highlight the city’s rising crime rates.

The Center of the American Experiment erected 38 billboards across the greater metro area as part of the think tank’s new campaign to support law enforcement during these difficult times, per the Center.

The massive signs display quotes from local news outlets about the recently increased violence. These billboards, much like the rest of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, have not gone untouched by vandals.

One billboard which originally quoted The Star Tribune to read “uptown reels after gunfire, bloodshed” was amended to read “uptown reels after police murdered us.”

(Twitter/Howard Root)

Another sign which originally read “multiple shootings in metro area overnight” was amended to read “multiple police shootings in metro area overnight fuckkk 12.”

The majority of the Center’s signs remain unvandalized.

The think tank has also asked Minnesotans to sign a petition supporting police.

“We, the undersigned, support Minnesota’s law enforcement,” the petition reads. “We call on leaders in Minneapolis and in towns across Minnesota to make public safety their city’s top priority. America is a country built on laws that are equally enforced and protect every person’s human rights. This is a system worth defending.”

It continues: “We stand with residents of the Twin Cities who are living in fear, who have witnessed homicides, shootings, armed robberies, and violent carjackings in their neighborhoods daily. Minnesota’s constitution states, ‘Government is instituted for the security, benefit, and protection of the people.’ Residents of Minnesota’s cities and towns must be able to count on their local government to vigorously defend their laws, protect their rights, and provide for their basic safety. We need the police!”

In addition to attacking the Center’s billboards, anti-police vandals have also graffitied random objects throughout the Twin Cities. Spray-painted calls to “kill cops” and for “more dead cops” have been sighted recently.

Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.