WATCH: BLM Overruns Pro-Police Rally Outside Minnesota Governor’s Mansion

What was supposed to be a pro-police rally turned into a full on BLM protest outside the Governor's Mansion in St. Paul.

A large group of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors overran a group that gathered outside Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s mansion to support police, Saturday.

A small group conservative Minnesotans organized by Bikers For 45 Minnesota, a group that supports President Donald Trump, gathered outside the Governor’s Mansion to show their support for law enforcement around noon.

However, after a Facebook user who goes by SlaughterHouse Education [sic] organized a counter protest, a much larger group of individuals apparently affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement also congregated at the mansion. This group ultimately dispelled the original group of conservative demonstrators.

Initially the two groups were kept fairly separate by a police barrier that bisected Summit Avenue, although individuals were permitted to pass from one side of the barrier to the other via the sidewalk on the southern side of the street.

Although the two groups were kept seperate, angry shouts were exchanged across the barrier. “Fuck America” one person declared.

At one point, the left wing protestors realized that there was a black man standing in support of the police and declared him a “Nazi.”

A latina woman who said she supports Trump endured similar abuses.

As time wore on, the amount of BLM affiliated protestors on the side of the barrier initially held by the pro-police demonstrators grew significantly. Within about one hour of the protest beginning, small personal disputes began to break out between individuals of opposing ideologies.

This culminated in the BLM protestors singling out and harassing specific small groups of conservatives, forcing them to leave the protest. This first occurred when crowd labeled a woman as “Karen,” a derogatory term often used to describe white women, pushing her out of the protest.

This occurred again after another conservative woman was involved in an altercation and the crowd ran her way from the protest, verbally abusing police officers along the way.

Alpha News was able to record this occurrence from two separate camera angles:

By 3:00 when the original pro-police rally was set to end, virtually all conservative protestors had been shouted out of the area, leaving only a BLM presence. The police then withdrew from the area.

In the wake of Saturday’s events, Alpha News spoke with members of Bikers For 45 Minnesota who said they were expecting a significantly larger turnout than the one they experienced.

“We were expecting 1,000 people here, and we didn’t have 50 people here… shame on them,” one member said. Members of the group were also seen escorting conservatives in the area to their vehicles as the pro-police rally began to disburse.

Another member of Bikers for 45 released a statement after the rally expressing her deep disappointment with the GOP and Minnesota conservatives more generally for failing to attend Saturday’s event.

Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.