Caryn Sullivan: Friday Food for Thought

As he sparred with challenger Dr. Scott Jensen, millions of Minnesotans were tuned out. Is this an incongruent strategy for an incumbent with a “One Minnesota” platform?

Friday Food for Thought
Caryn Sullivan

With traditional values under siege, it often feels like we’re living in an inside out, upside down world, where right is wrong, and left is right, and those who speak up are shut down. Friday Food for Thought offers readers news to chew on over the weekend.

The debate not seen around the state

Although every major TV station offered to host a metro-wide gubernatorial debate, Gov. Tim Walz declined, opting instead to participate in a debate in Rochester, broadcast on On Tuesday night, he appeared for an audience-free debate that only aired outside the metro. As he sparred with challenger Dr. Scott Jensen, millions of Minnesotans were tuned out. Is this an incongruent strategy for an incumbent with a “One Minnesota” platform? Food for thought.

During the debate, Walz referred to the “murder” of Daunte Wright. Former Brooklyn Center officer Kim Potter was convicted of manslaughter after mistakenly firing her gun, instead of her Taser, at Wright, who was uncooperative during a traffic stop. Unlike Walz, who won’t take responsibility for anything, Potter’s repeatedly expressed remorse.

Crime — here, there, everywhere  

According to Crime Watch Minneapolis, criminals are regularly using vehicles to ram squad cars. If they’re not ramming cars, they’re stealing them — or stealing from them.

Eleven vehicles were stolen in north Minneapolis on Monday. Five vehicles were stolen in Eden Prairie in three days. All were parked in driveways or open garages; keys were in or near the vehicles. Lock your vehicles!

Justice of release

On Tuesday, Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges offered an update on three recent crimes. The video is worth watching but I’ll recap it.

  • Christopher Townsend brazenly walked past a marked squad car and two uniformed officers and helped himself to merchandise from a Bloomington Walmart. A Bloomington cop broke his ankle and shin as he attempted to arrest Townsend, who was charged with several counts, including fourth-degree felony assault of a law officer. However, Hennepin County authorities reduced the charge to a gross misdemeanor. Judge Bridget Sullivan released Townsend, no newcomer to the system, on $300 bail.

Hodges said, “When I grew up you all knew if you broke the law you went to go see the justice of the peace. Well now, I guess you get to see the justice of release. And the justice of release decided to let a person who had been arrested multiple times since 2016 … out on $300 bail.”

  • Two individuals were arrested at a Walmart, one with a large quantity of meth and heroin on his body. They drove to the store in a stolen vehicle containing a stolen handgun, computers, credit cards, and license plates.

Demetri Montoya, who had 13 outstanding warrants, was charged with several felonies. Booker said, “Hopefully, he’s not going to get another ‘get out of jail free card.'”

  • Three men, one wielding a gun, stole a 53-year-old handicapped man’s vehicle as he was parking at the mall.

Booker said, “You don’t carjack people in our community and run to Minneapolis and think you’re going to get away. We will get you.”

Speaking of Mall of America, ahead of the holiday season, officials are trying out metal detectors at one entrance.

FBI seeks ‘Umbrella Man’

In the summer of 2020, rioters destroyed large swaths of Minneapolis and St. Paul. One was identified as “The Umbrella Man.” FBI is asking again for help identifying the individual who’s suspected of smashing windows at the AutoZone building and creating “an atmosphere of hostility and tension….”

Courage on steroids

Though more than two years have passed, that fateful summer is not forgotten. It’s the subject of both a new film and a new book.

Last week, Candace Owens released “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM.” Featuring interviews with Liz Collin and Bob Kroll, the documentary takes a deep dive into Black Lives Matter.

Collin just published “They’re Lying – The Media, the Left, and the Death of George Floyd.” A well-sourced expose, it’s not a light beach read. I’ll share more in my Saturday column.

Tired of worrying about crime? Just 18 days until the election. You know what to do.

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