Eerie video captures sound of gunshots at time of Minneapolis homicide

Gunfire interrupted church bells in Minneapolis during an exchange between two cars that left one man dead.

A doorbell camera recorded the sound of gunfire in the area where the man was killed during the time of the murder. (Mickey Cook/Facebook)

A man was killed during an apparent gunfight in Minneapolis on Wednesday, marking the 28th homicide in the city this year — the last 6 of which have all occurred inside the space of one week.

A doorbell camera recorded the sound of gunfire in the area where the man was killed during the time of the murder, Crime Watch Minneapolis first reported.

The camera captured the sound of church bells tolling eerily in the distance as shots rang out near North 33rd Avenue and Knox Avenue North in north Minneapolis.

When police arrived on scene they discovered “a male in his early 20s seated in a vehicle with apparent life-threatening gunshot wounds.” He later died on scene. Police believe he was shot by occupants of another vehicle who were traveling down Knox and continued to fire as they made their getaway.

The man who was shot appears to have fired as well. First responder radio traffic after the incident described two vehicles shooting at each other, per Crime Watch Minneapolis.

Some of the gunshots recorded by the doorbell camera proximal to the killing seem to have occurred in three-round bursts. While it is possible to replicate this effect by expertly controlling a fully-automatic weapon, it’s much more likely the shooter had a burst fire weapon that dispenses three rounds per press of the trigger.

Burst and full-auto guns have been illegal since the late 1980s, but criminals can still acquire them by stealing government weapons, illegally importing them (most often via Mexico) or fabricating them from elicit parts (most often sourced from China). However, due to the relative complexity of a burst fire control group compared to a full auto one, it is unlikely that criminals are manufacturing their own burst fire weapons.

The total number of homicides in Minneapolis this year now stands at 29. Police announced Friday that a man was shot and killed Thursday night by a family member inside a residence on the 2000 block of James Avenue North.


Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.