Excelsior store owned by sheriff’s office employee destroyed by burglars 

The store said it will remain closed until it makes a “decision on how to move forward.” 

Truffle Hills Chocolates/Hennepin County Sheriff's Office

A beloved chocolate shop in Excelsior, Minn., had its entire inventory destroyed by burglars this week.

The break-in took place overnight Tuesday, just a day after one of its owners, Susie Morehead, was featured in a Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office “employee spotlight” video. Morehead works as a latent fingerprint examiner in the agency’s forensics laboratory, according to the video.

“The people who broke into Truffle Hill emptied three fire extinguishers all over the entire shop, ruining all of our products. They had no regard for the incredible work that our amazing employees put in for our treats. In a matter of minutes, hundreds of hours working to create memories for our customers were flushed down the drain,” Truffle Hill Chocolates said on Facebook Wednesday.

The store said it will remain closed until it makes a “decision on how to move forward.”

Police confirmed that they were dispatched to the store around 9 a.m. Wednesday morning on a report of a burglary. They observed a broken window and “significant damage to the inside of the business.”

Former employees of the store launched a GoFundMe and said December is the most important month of the year for business.


Alpha News Staff