Popular podcast host calls out Gov. Walz for poor governance, refusal to come on show

"This state has become a bleep show since you became governor, and you’ve proven to be the worst governor in the history of the state," said host Joe Soucheray.

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Gov. Tim Walz speaks at a May 9, 2024 press conference. (Office of Gov. Tim Walz/Flickr)

The Garage Logic Podcast has put Democratic Gov. Tim Walz on blast for his performance in office. On May 31, in response to a recording of Walz declaring, “we do not have to live this way” in reference to the murder of Minneapolis Police Officer Jamal Mitchell, host Joe Soucheray retorted, “here’s the problem, Governor. We are living that way.”

Soucheray went further, observing that “we’ve been living that way, most principally, under your tenure. This state has become a bleep show since you became governor, and you’ve proven to be the worst governor in the history of the state. Your disdain for police officers has been evident previously.”

“You contribute to an environment which is encouraging criminal behavior. You encourage a political environment in which the wrong people are elected and wish to bring about the idea that there is no such thing as crime. You’ve stepped on your feet too many times to be taken seriously. I don’t know how you had the balls to even show up there and say, ‘we shouldn’t have to live this way.’ This is the way we live, Governor!”

For Soucheray, Walz’s actions have been made more aggravating by the governor’s steadfast refusal to face criticism. “I wish you would come on this show and tell me otherwise, but I know you won’t. Either you won’t or your people won’t let you, but you won’t come on this show. And for you to say we shouldn’t have to live like this is ridiculous. This is exactly the way we live. We’ve been living like this now for four years.”

Other members of the podcast voiced similar sentiments. Matt Michalski, known by the moniker ‘Rookie,’ tweeted on June 1 that “@GovTimWalz has told me three times in person that he would come on @GLpodcast with @JoeSoucheray nothing yet. Every other Governor in the past has talked about MN with Joe. Republicans and Democrats. It’s time Gov.”

Alpha News reached out to Gov. Walz’s office for comment, but ultimately did not receive any response. Given his past refusals to appear on Garage Logic, it remains to be seen whether Soucheray’s castigation will finally drive him to make an appearance and face the criticism of his fellow Minnesotans.


Evan Poellinger

Evan Poellinger, the Alpha News Summer 2024 Journalism Fellow, is a native Minnesotan with a lifelong passion for history and politics. He previously worked as a journalism intern with the American Spectator and an investigative journalism fellow with the Media Research Center. He is a graduate of College of the Holy Cross with degrees in political science and history.