Apparent record of Dem at center of Hugo outburst shows past charges of domestic assault, terroristic threats

The Minnesota Democrat who told a crowd to burn down the town of Hugo may have a criminal record, per a court document that appears to match his name and birthday.

(Screenshot: YouTube/Unicorn Riot)

John Thompson, the Minnesota Democrat who threatened to burn down the town of Hugo, was seemingly charged with domestic assault and making terroristic threats, but never convicted.

Thompson made national headlines after he delivered a profanity-laden rant outside the home of Minneapolis police union president Bob Kroll on Aug. 15. During his address, Thompson emboldened the crowd to burn down Hugo, Minnesota, the town where Kroll lives, and screamed at local teenage girls standing in their own driveway.

One video also shows Thompson, who has been endorsed by the Minnesota DFL, Gov. Tim Walz and Rep. Ilhan Omar, smashing two pinatas resembling Kroll and his wife while standing in front of Kroll’s home.

In 2019, Thompson was arrested for trespassing and obstruction after an incident at North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale, Minnesota that put the facility on lockdown, according to WCCO. It does not appear these charges led to convictions.

Thompson also caused a disruption during a legislative hearing, according to Nick Zerwas, a former Minnesota state representative.

Additionally, Thompson appears to have been charged with domestic assault in 2006, making terroristic threats in 2002, and committing 21 traffic-related infractions, per a criminal record matching his name. He seems to have two disorderly conduct convictions, but the other charges for domestic assault and making terroristic threats were dismissed.

Note the two most serious charges at the top of the list. (Minnesota Judicial Branch)

Thompson’s middle initial is D, just like the middle initial of the individual listed in the criminal record, according to both his expenditure report on file with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board and the name of his candidate PAC, the John D Thompson House Committee.

Further, the month and day of Thompson’s birthday matches that of the individual listed in the criminal record, per his own Facebook page and a birthday message addressed to him and posted to Facebook by the Fight For Justice LLC.

Fight For Justice LLC wished John Thompson a happy birthday on November 2. (Image source: Facebook/Fight For Justice LLC)

Alpha News reached out to Thompson’s campaign for comment on the matter, but received no response. Alpha News asked the DFL if it could confirm Thompson’s middle name and birthday, but again received no response.


Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.