Minneapolis resident speaks out on constant gunfire: ‘I can’t see this turning around’

"The city is basically lost, and it's only a matter of time before everyone figures that out," a desperate north Minneapolis resident said after dozens of shots rang out in his neighborhood.

A home camera captured more than a minute of continuous gunfire. (Photo provided to Alpha News)

A north Minneapolis night was punctuated by gunfire last week as more than 50 shots rang out during a possible gun battle. A resident who recorded the sound of these shots said the violence has escalated in the city and he “can’t see this turning around.”

“This is not ‘North being North.’ This is new and it’s worse than it’s been before,” the resident told Alpha News after sharing a shocking home security video that recorded the eruption of gunfire. The resident said he moved to 30th and Lyndale North in 2015. While this area has never been praised for its safety, things didn’t used to be as bad as they are now, the resident reports.

“I can only remember close gunshots happening maybe a few times a year,” the resident said. But “now gunfire is a weekly occurrence … we even had a bullet hit our house … and then later another shot going through a porch window.”

The resident said one of his neighbors “has been living here basically all his life … he lived through the ’90s and says that it’s worse now.”

“The party of ‘gun control’ is more than happy to drop gun charges and revolve these pirates back on the street with no bail and stayed sentences,” the resident continued, observing that the city’s government has taken an apparently lackadaisical approach to dealing with criminals.

“They can’t control pirates taking over intersections, doing doughnuts in their cars, sometimes right outside the Park ‘Police’ building. The city is basically lost, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone figures that out, and at that point the last semblances of a functioning and safe society will be gone.”

On the same night, police officers in the same area reported to dispatch that they heard bursts of fully-automatic gunfire, according to Crime Watch Minneapolis. If the police reports were accurate, this means Minneapolis criminals are continuing to use machine guns, which have been federally banned since the 1930s.

Meanwhile, the Minneapolis Police Department’s “Shots Fired Map” shows numerous reports of gunfire and ShotSpotter activations over the last week.

This map shows the locations of shots fired reports in Minneapolis over one week leading up to 2/25/2021. (MPD)

Unfortunately, the elevated levels of violence in the city have taken innocent lives, including several children who were caught in the crossfire last summer.

Fortunately, however, charges were filed late last week against a man accused of shooting Trinity Ottoson-Smith, a 9-year-old who was struck by a stray bullet last year while jumping on a trampoline. She passed away in the hospital 12 days later. Her accused killer, Dpree Shareef Robinson, was a member of the Black Disciples gang, according to charging documents.


Alpha News Staff