Minnesota senator says voter fraud is a ‘critical threat’ to democracy

"It’s a perfect storm for election trouble," said Sen. Mark Johnson.

Left: Sen. Mark Johnson. Right: Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer.

Several Minnesota senators have responded to a viral Project Veritas video that alleges evidence of voter fraud in Minnesota, and have called it a “critical threat” to democracy.

The Project Veritas video claims to show evidence of a ballot-harvesting scheme in Minneapolis, specifically alleging that people connected to Rep. Ilhan Omar have been illegally gathering mail-in ballots for Democrats.

The Minneapolis Police Department announced that it is investigating the allegations and Secretary of State Steve Simon was asked to do the same. Numerous Minnesota state senators have expressed concern about the integrity of the upcoming election if the allegations of illegal harvesting are true.

“These allegations, if true, threaten to undermine Minnesota’s democratic process and erode the trust Minnesotans have in our election process. The Project Veritas video presents evidence of the concerns many people have, that activists are systematically harvesting ballots illegally to benefit DFL candidates in the metro,”  state Sen. Mark Johnson, a Republican, said in a press release

He also expressed concern about the recent changes implemented by Secretary of State Simon, which “reduce the standard for verification and allow ballots to be received and counted after Election Day.”

“With an election only a few weeks away, this is a critical threat to our state’s democracy. Secretary of State Steve Simon, Attorney General Keith Ellison, and Hennepin County officials must open investigations immediately,” he continued. “Regardless of party, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our elections by addressing any accusations of voter fraud so that we may preserve Minnesotans’ faith in their government.”

Sources in the Project Veritas video allege that mail-in ballots are illegally bought from voters or acquired from vulnerable elderly voters. 

“It’s so very sad that seniors are being threatened and terrorized to give over their ballots. Voting in person at a polling place or official office is the best protection from this abuse. No-excuse absentee voting seems to be an opening for this abuse of the system and changes are needed to protect people and our elections from manipulation,” Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer commented in a statement

“In the meantime, I am calling on Secretary of State Simon, Attorney General Keith Ellison, and Hennepin County to explain how they will protect these abused voters,” she added.

Sen. John Jasinski also called on Simon and Ellison to investigate the allegations. In a letter sent earlier this week, House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt asked Simon to respond to his request for an investigation by Friday. 


Judah Torgerud

Judah Torgerud is a freelance journalist working with Alpha News to keep the people informed and bring the truth to light. Contact him at whqnu@nycunarjfza.pbz.