Minnesota Trump Victory hits major grassroots milestone

Minnesota Trump Victory hit the major milestone this week as they made their 2 millionth voter contact this cycle.

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Minnesota Trump Victory hit a major milestone this week after it made its two millionth voter contact this election cycle.

While former Vice President Joe Biden recently announced that he will hire staff to organize in Minnesota, Trump’s team said it has had staff on the ground since the early days of the campaign.

Republican National Committee spokesperson Preya Samsundar believes the enthusiasm among the campaign’s volunteers will finally flip Minnesota red.

“While Joe Biden’s campaign is just getting his feet wet, Trump Victory’s army of volunteers are working harder than ever to turn Minnesota red this November. As we surpass our two millionth voter contact of the cycle, it is yet another reminder of how enthusiasm to re-elect President Donald Trump and our data-driven ground game are leading the way for another four years in the White House,” said Samsundar

To date, Minnesota Trump Victory has held nearly 2,000 volunteer events with more than 20,000 volunteers who are now activated to help elect Republicans up and down the ballot.

Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN-06) reportedly made the two millionth voter contact Wednesday afternoon.

The RNC recently announced the hiring of an additional 300 Trump Victory field staff who will be deployed to target states across the country.

This new wave will bring the total number of Trump Victory field staff to over 1,500, with the RNC on pace to invest 50 percent more in its field operation than it did in 2016. Trump Victory is also on pace to eclipse the 2.2 million volunteers that the Obama operation had in 2012.

The latest hiring wave will be focused on presidential battleground states, as well as states like New York, New Jersey, and Illinois where the Trump campaign hopes it can assist the House Republican Caucus in retaking the majority.

The RNC and Trump campaign enjoys a significant cash-on-hand advantage over the DNC-Biden operation with more than $295 million in the bank. The campaign has hauled in $947 million this cycle to date.

The campaign told Alpha News that Biden is all but sure to lose northeastern Minnesota, which in the past has voted Democrat. Staffers cite Democratic positions against mining and support for left-wing causes like “the Green New Deal” as reasons why Biden will struggle in the Eighth Congressional District.

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