Republicans Respond to Governor Walz’s Mask Order

"Finally, if the Governor requires masks, I expect to see the dials and knobs moved forward so that people can work..."

After the statewide mask order was signed, many Republicans spoke out against it saying Walz does not have the legal power to create such a mandate. Rep. Steve Drazkowski went as far as to start a lawsuit with other Republicans against Walz. The mask order will go into effect the 25th and require that everyone 6 and over to wear a mask indoors or possibly face a $100 fine.

“We have a constitutional system of government which gives the Minnesota Legislature the authority to write the law, not the governor,” said Drazkowski. “Not only is Governor Walz unconstitutionally creating new laws with his executive orders, but he is using his executive orders to supersede written law.”

Drawzkowski has accused Walz of purposely avoiding the legislative route, and said he should be “ashamed of himself.” “The Legislature was just in session two days ago. The Governor specifically waited until the Legislature was adjourned from special session so he could impose a mask mandate without the input of all Minnesotans,” said Drawzkowski.

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka has said that because of the mandate, which he says feels “heavy-handed,” MN should be able to open up more. “Finally, if the Governor requires masks, I expect to see the dials and knobs moved forward so that people can work, kids can go to school, and businesses can operate more freely.”

Jason Lewis, a Republican candidate for US Senate, spoke his mind about the issue, “As I have been warning for months now, what started as a fight against an invisible danger has morphed into a fight against a very clear and present danger: unconstitutional power grabs being waged by radical liberals.”

MN Senator Ingebrigtsen added his voice to the dissension, “Governor Walz continues to use his power like a Czar issuing executive order after executive order to rule Minnesota without any consultation of legislature or consideration of the uniqueness of all of Minnesota communities.”

Judah Torgerud
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