Thousands March at Capitol for Minnesota March for Life

Legislative Leaders Vow to Push for Pro-Life Legislation

St. Paul, MN – Thousands descended upon the Capitol Sunday for the Minnesota March for Life.

Dozens of lawmakers attended the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life’s 44th annual March for Life to show their support and promised to fight for pro-life causes. Senate President Michelle Fischbach was the first lawmaker to speak and share her support, stating, “Our commitment to you in the State Senate is to stand strong for human life, in opposition of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.”

House Speaker Kurt Daudt also spoke to the crowd, outlining the causes the GOP hopes to champion during the legislative session, saying, “I’m confident that this year we can end taxpayer funding of abortion, we can defund Planned Parenthood, and we can provide the most basic protection of women by making sure that abortion clinics are licensed and inspected here in the State of Minnesota.”

Senator Dan Hall took his support a step further, displaying his dedication to pro-life causes for all to see, sending a message that has stirred up controversy among his Democratic colleagues who want him to take it down. (See video for images)

The national March for Life in DC takes place on January 27th.