Vandals target St. Paul crisis pregnancy center

Vandals broke windows and spray-painted "Jesus Loves Abortion," "Blood on Your Hands," and "Janes Revenge" on the building.

Vandals spray-painted "Jesus loves abortion" on a crisis pregnancy center. (Photo courtesy of Birthright of St. Paul)

Birthright, a crisis pregnancy center that offers alternatives to abortion, was vandalized in St. Paul Monday night. Monday was the seventh time the center has been targeted in the past five years.

Vandals broke windows and spray-painted “Jesus Loves Abortion,” “Blood on Your Hands,” and “Janes Revenge” on the building.

Photo courtesy of Birthright of St. Paul.

Jane’s Revenge is an abortion rights group that has taken responsibility for vandalizing pregnancy centers since the Roe V. Wade draft was leaked in May. The group is believed to be responsible for a similar attack on Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life in Minneapolis last month.

“We are a non-political, all volunteer-run organization whose purpose is to provide positive alternatives to abortion,” said Karen McCann, a center volunteer. “Those who favor abortion don’t like the good work we are doing to support families and women in need who want to give their precious children the beautiful gift of life.”

Photo courtesy of Birthright of St. Paul

In addition to providing options to abortions, the center offers pregnancy testing, baby care packages, diapers, baby clothing, and confidential counseling free of charge.

Although the Supreme Court overturned Roe last month, abortion is still legal in Minnesota.

Birthright is one of nearly 100 crisis pregnancy centers statewide.


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