VIDEO: Criminals launch fireworks at woman walking dog, chase her and laugh

In total, 12 people were shot in Minneapolis on Monday night alone. 

Criminals launched fireworks into apartment buildings and at people Monday night. (Crime Watch Minneapolis/Twitter)

A new video from Monday night’s mayhem in downtown Minneapolis has surfaced, showing a group of young people launching fireworks at police and at a woman walking her dog.

The young criminals then chased the woman and her dog, laughing along the way. The video also includes more footage of fireworks being launched into apartment buildings from vehicles on the street below.

City leaders called a press conference late Tuesday afternoon to address the Independence Day violence, which left several people in critical condition following a shooting at Boom Island Park.

Mayor Jacob Frey said “difficult events and circumstances” can be expected for a Friday or Saturday.

“In this case, it stemmed towards Monday,” he said. “This is conduct that should not be acceptable in any city.”

Shots were fired outside of Frey’s own residence on Friday night, Crime Watch Minneapolis reported. In total, 12 people were shot in Minneapolis on Monday night alone.


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