Vets Hopeful With Republican-Held Legislature

GOP lawmakers introducing legislation to help Minnesota’s vets

St. Paul, MN – A Republican State Representative is pushing to make hiring veterans a priority for the Minnesota State Legislature.

Representative John Poston from Lake Shore comes from a military family and serves on the Veterans Affairs Committee in the State House. After hearing from the state’s veterans on their most critical issues, he decided to introduce legislation to require the Minnesota State Legislature to give veterans, particularly those who are disabled, priority when hiring for new positions at the capitol, making it so the top three applicants considered for a position are disabled veterans.

Poston has the support of the United Veterans Legislative Council, chaired by Ralph Donais, a disabled veteran and advocate for veterans issues.“Instead of closing doors because of what happened to them while they were in the service, this opens some more doors back up for them” said Donais of Poston’s bill.

Donais says veterans have hope for real change now that Republicans control the legislature, saying, “This year there seems to be more of an open door to veterans, realizing the sacrifices that veterans have made for our country.”

Donais says his organization is working with Republicans to pass additional legislation to help veterans. Poston’s bill passed the Veteran’s Affairs Committee, and should receive a floor vote soon.