Senator Housley Pushes for More Testing in Long-Term Care Facilities

Senator Housley pushes for increased testing in nursing homes and asks Governor Walz too consider deploying the national guard to help long-term care facilities.

From Senator Housley's Facebook
From Senator Housley's Facebook

Minnesota’s Senator Housley is pushing for “universal testing” for long-term care facilities and requested Governor Walz consider deploying the National Guard to the ones that need assistance.

Housley wants total testing of residents and staff in long-term care facilities, citing that “Almost 80 percent of coronavirus deaths in Minnesota are in long-term care facilities.” She wants the Department of Health to deploy resources and guide the staffers.

“We are talking about Minnesotans largely over the age of 80 that are among our most vulnerable citizens. This situation has caused them, and their families, anxiety, and pain as they wait without answers,” Housley said in a press release.

Housley also requests that Governor Walz consider deploying the National Guard to assist long-term care facilities that have staffing issues.

“Governors in Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, Maryland, Georgia, and Florida have deployed National Guard soldiers to assist long-term care facilities in their states with testing and staffing shortage.” said Housley

As of Monday, April 27, 223 out of the 280 total deaths from COVID-19 in Minnesota were related to a long-term care facility 

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